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DIAGNOSTICS AND WEB DEVELOPINGExpert technicians are available to help you figure out any unknown problem you are facing with your devices.

VIRUS AND MALWARE REMOVALThe technicians at tech live geeks help to remove the virus, malware and all other form of infections with their top rated cleaning tools and manual operations remotely.

BROWSER SECURITY and INTERNET SECURITYWith secure environment and safe browsing habits, we make your system healthy.

OS INSTALLATIONWe help to upgrade and install new operating systems on the computers remotely.

SOFTWARE INSTALLATIONWe help to install and run your softwares on your PCs and Laptops to make it an easy use for you

SYSTEM TUNE UP AND CLEAN UPOur technicians help you to speed up your system by cleaning and tuning them remotely anywhere in the world.

BACKUP SUPPORTOur technicians assist you with backup assistance if there is no hardware damage.

TROUBLESHOOTINGWhatever the problem is, we can troubleshoot anything for you with a smile.

SUPPORT FOR MICROSOFTExcellent support with great experience provided for Microsoft windows users.

SUPPORT FOR APPLEA dedicated team specially for apple products is available always to help fixing the issues anytime with excellence.


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